Protecting your property and your loved ones is our priority. Velocity Security Partners offers a wide array of home security products paired with the highest standards of home monitoring to give you peace of mind that even when you're not there your property and your family are protected. But what Velocity Security Partners can offer to our residential customers goes far beyond home monitoring. Click below to learn about what services we can offer for your home.

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When a business customer engages Velocity Security Partners, that business owner can have confidence that Velocity will not only help to protect the property but also the business owner's investment and time. Velocity Security Partners has the know-how to seamlessly integrate your security system with your existing IT network. We offer business owners services that go beyond property protection. Click below to learn about the services we can provide to your business.

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What is happening at your home or business when you are not there? With the latest technology in security camera monitoring and the ability to sync those systems to your smartphone apps, more people expect to be able to get the answer to that question. With a background in IT networking, Velocity can integrate your systems with the latest technology. Click below to learn more about the solutions Velocity can provide to give you the security you're seeking.

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Home Monitoring
When you need to know that your house and family are safe our technology and monitoring services will be there for you. This is 24/7 monitoring with a live person making the call to you or emergency services.
Business Monitoring
When it comes to your business, offices or retail space having the knowledge that your monitoring company is behind you all the way can give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you do best.
Security Cameras
Having security cameras at home and or your business can provide a layer of protection that you always wanted. When you need to know who is at your front door or who was behind your building last night we can help.
System Install
Do you have a new house or business that you need new security system installed in? Or maybe you have a security system but it was installed more than 10 years ago? When you are ready for the cutting edge in security systems we can help.
Medical Monitoring
When you need to know that your elderly parent or special needs family member is ok our medical monitoring services are a great fit. Geofencing alerts, falls and breaks in daily routines can be all monitored 24 hours a day.
Remote Access
What is happening at your home or business when you are not there? With our remote access capability you will be able to monitor your systems and or security cameras with an App or web browser where ever you are.

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What sets Velocity Security Partners apart from other security companies? It’s simple. Velocity Security Partners was born out of a Professional Services Technology Company, Velocity Technology Partners. With over 11 years of providing personalized and professional service to business clients throughout North Georgia, we understand the special needs of businesses and homeowners alike when integrating  security, camera and telecom systems into increasingly more complicated networks.

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